Illegal Alien IX years compilation

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I made a fresh track called « Constrain » for the huge compilation Illegal Alien will release on the 18th of July.

There will be other tracks from A.Mochi (Official), Aleja Sanchez, Alexander Kowalski (Official), Angel Costa, Dinamite, DJ Emerson, Bandada, Bruno Sacco, Corvum, Dig-it, DJ Saint Pierre, Dorian Gray, Brendon Moeller Echologist Beat Pharmacy, Eric Fetcher, Fixeer, Fixon, Flug (Official), Gotshell, HD SUBSTANCE, Isolated Lines, Jörg Rodriguez, Kølpøs, KWR, M23 – Mari Mattham, Marla Singer,Mario Berger (Official), Miki Craven, Measure Divide, Mental Resonance,Lance Blaise / Monix, MTD, rraph, Ricardo Garduno, Sintoma, Splinter UA,Svarog, The Automatic Message, Thomas Hoffknecht, Vertical Spectrum,WIRRWARR and Yuuki Sakai.

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