Isolated Lines


Isolated Lines is a Swiss musician exploring dense and rhythmically experimental techno.

The man behind the moniker has been involved in band projects, sound engineering jobs and Switzerland's underground music scene in general for some years. Coming from a background of listening to and playing in rock, indie and noise groups, his tracks are as much informed by the energy and dynamics of live performance and sound science as they are by the endless possibilities of electronic production. So far, they have found a home on established Swiss label Creaked and been picked up by CLR and Stroboscopic Artefacts artist Tommy Four Seven for release on his 47 imprint.

Isolated Lines productions are warmly textural and full of subtleties, usually favouring trippy, hypnotic grooves over outright aggression. Whilst most of the detail is consciously designed, Isolated Lines makes music in a way which leaves space for randomness and organic elements; listen to the off-kilter swing of 'Raze' or his remix for Gaspard De La Montagne, for example. Especially through a decent sound system, the layers evolve and interact with an exciting air of unpredictability.

As with his studio gear, the live setup is subject to constant change and development. Certain characteristics remain within the sound and the way it is presented though: ambitious arrangements, soaring, euphoric pads and hard-hitting drums. His material is versatile enough for pitch-black basements and early morning festival sets alike.



Live @ The Night Heron

  • live
  • 22 Fev
  • 22:00
  • Melbourne


  • 10.11.2018 Tokyo (JP) @ KGR'n
  • 03.11.2018 Seoul (KR) @ vurt
  • 20.10.2018 Ho Chi Minh (VN) @ The Lighthouse
  • 19.10.2018 Bangkok (TH) @ Mustache
  • 18.10.2018 Hangzhou (CN) @ Loopy Live
  • 05.10.2018 Paris (FR) @ Rouxteur Festival
  • 29.06.2018 MJF (CH) @ Strobe Club
  • 01.06.2018 Düdingen (CH) @ Kilbi Festival
  • 05.05.2018 Geneva (CH) @ Audio
  • 07.04.2018 Cali (CO) @ Eliptica
  • 06.04.2018 Popayan (CO) @ Reconexión
  • 24.03.2018 Quilmes (AR) @ Vincent
  • 09.03.2018 Bogota (CO) @ Klan31
  • 03.03.2018 Medellin (CO) @ Club1984



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